So many years ago in the chilling cold of Finland, the people discovered that there was no better way to relax, relieve aching muscles, and cleanse the body than to luxuriate in a super-warm sauna hut. A sauna allows you to build a spa oasis in the comfort of your home or backyard. When installed appropriately and used correctly, they can help reduce stress, detoxify, and relieve pain. Now a days, in cold and warm climates alike, people are discovering the benefits and pleasures of saunas—and the best saunas have become more economical and effortless to install than ever before. Our sauna improves health and well-being through the many features available. We have traditional Saunas which provide the genuine 'hard' heat of a Finnish sauna. They offer all the health benefits of our infrared models - with an extra touch of Finnish authenticity for pure sauna enthusiasts. We can assure you that you'll experience the sensations of a centuries-old European health experience at a price you simply won't believe.