Lawn & Mulch Paint

Mulching is necessary to do when you are seeding your lawn as soil require a layer to protect seeds from sunlight and environment. The purpose of doing mulching is to hold in moisture to keep the seeds from drying out. The mulching can be done by either organic or inorganic material. Organic mulches include shredded or chipped hardwood or bark, aged manure, compost, straw, shredded leaves, sawdust, pine needles, newspaper, and grass clippings. Inorganic mulches include stones, landscape fabric, plastic and shredded rubber. It will be a good idea to choose a natural look for your landscape and lawns. We can provide all types of mulching for helping you to create a beautiful garden of your own choice. Mulching keeps landscapes looking their best throughout various climate conditions. The type of mulch you have to use depends upon the function artistic you are looking for.