Cupolas & Accessories

A cupola is a small structure, enclosed but with openings, placed on the top of a building's roof or dome. Cupolas are ornamental structures placed in a prominent position, usually at the top of a larger roof or dome. Cupolas appear as small buildings in their own right, like little temples perched on top of a building. they may be the small dome that crowns the top of an outdoor garden folly, pavillion, or gazebo. Cupolas sometimes also act as the main roof of a spire, tower, or turret. When they do, they usually provide a substantially more elaborate enclosure than the average roof. Our cupola selection features hundreds of beautiful cupola designs for any size structure from small sheds to large garages and barns. We have wide range of cupola and its accessories choices and feel we have a cupola for everyone. From our affordable shed cupolas, to our graceful Signature Series cupolas, and everything in between!