Backyard Birding & Wildlife

Birding or wildlife is probably one of the most cosmopolitan outdoor activities in existence. The number of birders are growing all around the globe. One the main reason of Birding growth that birds appeal to our sense of aesthetics. Birds are beautiful and dazzling to the eye. Their complex behavior is intriguing and their songs are varied, evocative and very pleasing to the ear. There are as many varieties of birders as there are birds. They range from intense perfectionists who travel the world at the drop of a hat to see a species never seen, to the casual weekend hobbyist who enjoys watching the neighborhood birds at a backyard feeder or nearby greenbelt. is a great internet source for quality wild bird care, home and garden accents, and unique gifts inspired by nature. We specialize in delivering an excellent selection of products for the backyard birdwatcher including bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, wild bird food, bird identification, and items reflecting the fun and freedom of the outdoors.